Conductive Solutions for Casters and Leveling Mounts

Apr 17, 2023

Casters and leveling mounts are essential components in many industrial applications. They allow for the smooth movement of heavy machinery, equipment, and furniture. However, in some cases, static electricity from friction during movement can cause damage to sensitive electronic components. To prevent this from happening, anti-static and conductive solutions are available in caster wheels and leveling mounts.


1、 Anti-Static Caster Wheel

It is made of a carbon steel bracket and a rubber wheel with a resistance of 10^5 to 10^8 Ω. This combination can effectively reduce the static generated from friction during movement. The anti-static caster wheel is commonly used in electronics manufacturing, where static electricity can damage sensitive components.



2、Conductive Caster Wheel


This caster wheel comprises a carbon steel bracket and a synthetic rubber wheel with conductive fibres built into the wheel. The smaller the resistance of the wheel, the greater the current flow through its surface, which leads to better conductivity. This caster is equivalent to a conductor and is commonly used in clean room environments where static electricity can interfere with sensitive equipment.



3、Conductive Rubber Leveling Mount

For leveling mounts, there are also conductive rubber solutions available. WAK05 and WAK07 are two types of leveling mounts that use carbon steel or stainless steel threads and bases with conductive rubber on the bottom. The resistance of these leveling mounts ranges from 10^2 to 10^4 Ω.cm, which ensures that any static generated during movement is dissipated to the ground.



4、Anti-static handle

Lastly, there is the  for those handling sensitive equipment or components. Made of PA core material and a special elastic coating, this handle can reach a resistance of 10^6 to 10^9 Ω, preventing static electricity from being transferred to the equipment or components.


In conclusion

Caster wheels and leveling mounts are essential in many industrial applications. To prevent damage to sensitive electronic components from static electricity, anti-static and conductive solutions are available in caster wheels, leveling mounts, and handles. These solutions can effectively reduce or dissipate static electricity to the ground, ensuring industrial equipment's safe and reliable operation.