How to Reduce Wear and Tear on Cables from Cable Carries?

Jan 16, 2024

In understanding the cable carries products, the first thing we need to make clear is that one of the core functions of the cable carries is to provide certain protection for the cables or wires inside it. Reduce the number of times cables or wires are dragged inside the drag chain through fixation methods, thereby minimizing cable wear. However, in actual work scenarios, the protective effect of drag chains on cables is definitely limited, because modern drag chain manufacturing technology cannot guarantee that the drag chain can completely fix the cables. Therefore, how to minimize the wear of the drag chain on the internal cables is also a very important research direction in the current drag chain field.


cable carries


 1. Cable Carries External Package


Using the outer wrapping method of the drag chain to reduce the wear of the drag chain on the cable should be one of the simplest and most direct ways. The specific operation process is also very simple, that is, when using it, the parts of the drag chain that are relatively easy to wear are additionally wrapped with wear-resistant materials.


The advantages and disadvantages of using this method of reducing cable wear are very obvious. The advantage is that wrapping the cable carries can avoid direct friction and wear between the drag chain and the cable body. The disadvantage is that the wrapping material needs to be replaced regularly and cannot be used for a long time. Time guarantees the protection of the cable.


Cable Carries External Package


2. Use High-Strength Cable Carries


Now that we have made it clear that the friction between the drag chain and the internal cable is unavoidable, we can also start from the drag chain and cable products themselves, that is, use higher strength drag chain products. The stronger cable carries products themselves have superior material properties and can reduce the wear and tear on the cables to a lower level during work.


The obvious disadvantage of this method is the cost issue. The higher the strength and the better the quality of the drag chain, the price will naturally increase compared with ordinary drag chain products. But from a long-term perspective, choosing a higher-quality drag chain product will not only provide excellent protection for the cables for a long time, but the drag chain itself will be better than ordinary drag chains in terms of working stability and service life. . Therefore, purchasing high-strength cable carries products is also a good solution.


Use High-Strength Drag Chains


3. Pay Attention to How To Use the Cable Carries 


1) When selecting a drag chain, it should be noted that about 15% of the space should be reserved inside the cable carries. The reason is to provide sufficient installation space for internal cables, wires, etc., while also ensuring that no pulling force is exerted on the drag chain itself in the horizontal direction. The principle for the layout of wires should be that wires with large differences in wire diameter need to be arranged separately, and separators are allowed to be used when necessary, in order to achieve even distribution of the quality of the internal wires. When the drag chain moves at high speed or high frequency, it is also necessary to ensure that the wires can be separated from each other to avoid superposition and confusion.


2) Regarding the selection of the inner height of the cable carries, it is mainly based on the largest cross-sectional area among the cables, wires or other pipe products installed inside the drag chain, and an increase of at least 10% on the basis of its cross-sectional area The height space is used as the actual inner height of the energy chain. Note: The selection of the inner width and bending radius of the drag chain is similar to the selection of the inner height of the drag chain, mainly based on the outer diameter and bending radius of the built-in object.


In the field of cable carries, Yiheda Cable Carries is a highly trusted brand, providing a variety of high-quality drag chain products to meet the needs of different industrial scenarios. Through the above methods and precautions, you can better select and use drag chains to ensure that the cables are protected to the greatest extent and extend the service life of the equipment.