Static Electricity Solutions: Anti-Static Products

Feb 27, 2024

In a previous article, scenarios and specific methods for static electricity prevention and control were discussed. Now, let's explore the products that can effectively prevent static electricity from the source, addressing static electricity issues during use.


Ⅰ. Anti-Static Components Directly In Contact With The Product


1)Polyurethane Anti-static Timing Belts


① The tooth surface and back of the polyurethane anti-static timing belt are double-sided fabric-coated, enabling the conduction of static electricity to the timing pulley and associated equipment, preventing static accumulation. The surface rubber layer of the polyurethane anti-static timing belt does not contain other substances, ensuring stable mechanical performance.

② Anti-static agents are added to facilitate slow static dissipation, avoiding the accumulation of static electricity and rapid charge movement generating currents. The overall anti-static performance of the polyurethane anti-static timing belt remains excellent, with minimal change in anti-static capabilities after slight wear.


Polyurethane Anti-static Timing Belts 

 Polyurethane Timing Belts  


2)Anti-static Flat Belts


The materials of anti-static flat belts generally comply with anti-static standards and have undergone laboratory tests for anti-static and aging resistance.


Flat Belt

        Flat Belt        


3)Anti-static Covered Rollers


① Rollers with a hardness of A90 exhibit an anti-static coefficient of 10^9, offering excellent wear resistance.

② Rollers with hardness A50 and A70 have an anti-static coefficient of 10^8, providing better cushioning protection and anti-static performance compared to other hardness levels.


        Covered Roller        


4)CV Conveyor Line Rollers


CV conveyor line rollers use anti-static UPE material, known for its water resistance, wear resistance, and superior anti-static properties. These rollers are self-lubricating, preventing damage to conveyed objects during transport.


  CV Conveyor Line Rollers    

5)Anti-static Flow Strips


Flow strips made of PP material with added anti-static agents effectively prevent static electricity generation during conveying. These lightweight and smooth-surfaced flow strips facilitate product handling.


    Flow Strips    


6)Anti-static Vacuum Suction Cups


The design of anti-static vacuum suction cups involves incorporating conductive substances into silicone, effectively eliminating static electricity without causing additional damage to workpieces.


   Anti-static Vacuum Suction Cups    


Ⅱ. Anti-Static Components Not Directly In Contact With The Product


1)Anti-static Cleanroom Cable Carriers


Maximum speed: 10m/s; Maximum acceleration: 20~50m/s^2. These cable carriers not only achieve static electricity prevention but are also suitable for cleanroom environments.


Anti-static Cleanroom Cable Carriers

   Anti-static Cleanroom Cable Carriers   


2)Anti-static Handles


Using PA core material (nylon) and special elastic coating, anti-static handles aim to prevent discharge sparks from touching handles. The wrapping of an anti-static and antibacterial elastic material effectively reduces the harm caused by metal handle discharges. The grip area of the anti-static handle is treated to be wrinkle-resistant, soft, and easy to grasp.


 Anti-static Handle 


3)Anti-static Sealing Strips


A self-clamping sealing strip with an additional layer of conductive fabric achieves electromagnetic shielding.


sealing strip

      Sealing Strip      


4)Anti-static Casters


Rollers of anti-static casters are artificially made conductive, effectively dissipating static electricity when combined with conductive fibers. Additionally, these casters provide outstanding noise reduction and stability.





5)Accordion Bellows


Made of nylon, accordion bellows feature dust, water, and oil resistance. The covering fireproof fabric exhibits flame resistance, with instantaneous heat resistance reaching 200°C~300°C.


accordion bellows

        Accordion Bellows       


6)Insulation Boards


Insulation boards possess high strength, light weight, low thermal conductivity, resistance to chemical corrosion, good flame resistance, high-temperature resistance, and anti-static properties.


insulation boards

        Insulation Board