Oil-Free Bushing Special Copper Alloy Flange Type Inner Diameter F7 And Outer Diameter H7

Type: Oil Free Bushing

Inner diameter tolerance:  F7 standard

Outer diameter tolerance: h7 standard

Material: Oil-free bushings are made of a special copper alloy that has excellent wear and corrosion resistance.

Wall Thickness: We offer standard wall thicknesses to ensure sufficient strength and stability to cope with various working conditions.

Mounting Holes: This bushing is designed for counterbore type mounting, which helps provide a more secure fit.

Bushing Shape: We offer a variety of oil free bushing shape options, including round flange type and opposite side flange type, to meet the needs of different applications.

With or without oil groove: This bushing is designed without oil groove, which is suitable for applications that do not require additional lubrication, thus reducing maintenance costs.