Yiheda's Four Advantages Help Equipment Companies Win The Delivery Battle

Apr 17, 2023

With the surge in global power battery production capacity, the demand for lithium battery equipment procurement has escalated, pushing the market space for lithium battery equipment to expand rapidly. The year 2022 witnessed an acceleration in the expansion of domestic power battery companies, leading to massive purchase orders and a remarkable 1-2 times year-on-year increase in orders from lithium battery equipment firms. GGII's analysis anticipates the domestic lithium battery equipment market approaching 80 billion yuan in 2022. However, despite the significant increase in orders, lithium battery equipment manufacturers face challenges such as inadequate production capacity, hiring difficulties, and a tight supply of key components, which have exerted substantial pressure on delivery schedules.



The rising market demand for lithium battery equipment directly impacts the growth of demand for FA automation components. Dongguan Yiheda Automation Co., Ltd. (referred to as Yiheda, stock code: 301029), a one-stop supplier specializing in the research and development, production, and sales of automation parts, is well-positioned to offer FA factory automation parts to assist lithium battery equipment firms in winning the delivery battle. Yiheda will leverage its expertise in four key areas to support these companies:


Yiheda's First help:  Fast Delivery

The manufacturing process for lithium batteries is intricate, with various types of equipment and a short development cycle. It puts considerable pressure on equipment manufacturers to deliver their products on schedule. To address this challenge, Yiheda established an intelligent warehousing system in 2021, significantly increasing its storage capacity and delivery speed. The use of numerous automated warehouses ensures that the necessary parts for equipment are delivered promptly, thus guaranteeing the stability of the delivery cycle for equipment companies.



Yiheda's comprehensive and efficient intelligent warehousing system allows its speedy product delivery. 


Warehousing map, 90% of standard parts are shipped within three days


For assembled products, delivery is tailored to meet each customer's needs


The delivery date for customized products can also be negotiated based on customer requirements. 


Intelligent warehousing system, Yiheda ensures that its delivery is rapid and reliable.



Yiheda's Second help:  Full Range Products

Lithium battery equipment manufacturers often require diverse parts, necessitating connecting with multiple component suppliers, leading to high costs. 

Yiheda has developed an all-inclusive FA one-stop procurement platform to address this issue. It features a comprehensive FA factory with an automation component product system, covering 176 major categories, 1404 subcategories, and over 900,000 SKUs.

 Additionally, Yiheda has continued to expand its product categories and increased its prepared warehouses year after year to cater to the diverse needs of equipment parts. With Yiheda's platform, equipment manufacturers can access all necessary components and parts in one place, reducing the cost and hassle of procurement.



YHDFA Main Product Categories



YHDFA Product Catalog


Yhdfa parts over SKU900,000+


More than 176 major categories and 1404 subcategories offer equipment manufacturers various options.


Non-standard drawing customization


The ability to develop new products according to industry needs.


Yiheda's Third help:  Excellent Quality


The delivery pressure on lithium battery equipment companies is increasing, and their ability to provide high-quality products is critical to their core competitive advantage.


As a one-stop FA factory automation components supplier, Yiheda greatly emphasises providing excellent quality products. The company has established a rigorous quality management system that uses advanced testing instruments. Clear quality policies, goals, and responsibilities have been formulated to meet strict standards. Yiheda has also collaborated with major brands, and the components have passed third-party testing and certification, which enables the company to meet the parts procurement needs of many lithium battery equipment companies.



Yiheda's product testing room selects major brands and incorporates them into its product lineup.


Excellent quality, Yiheda has implemented a strict internal quality management system and established a supplier quality management system.


Achieved third-party testing and certification for its products, ensuring that they meet the high standards of the lithium battery equipment industry.


Yiheda's Fourth help: customized solutions


Lithium battery equipment is non-standard, and engineers often face difficulty selecting appropriate models and verifying designs. Additionally, the lack of professional debugging, it's easy leads to problems difficult to troubleshoot.


To address these issues, Yiheda offers professional product training before the sale, model selection services during the sale, and technical support afterwards. Furthermore, Yiheda researches lithium battery industry equipment to identify equipment parts requirements and continuously develops new products to meet those needs. With customized solutions, Yiheda assists equipment manufacturers in achieving their desired outcomes.



Yiheda provides a comprehensive solution for the equipment design stage of the lithium battery industry by offering 3D models for all its products. 


These 3D models enable engineers to calculate and select products easily, greatly improving design efficiency. 


Yiheda 3D Gallery offers selected cases and product knowledge to assist program design. 


In addition to pre-sales support, Yiheda provides after-sales technical training services to ensure that equipment manufacturers can operate and maintain the equipment correctly.


Yiheda Automation Co., Ltd. is a one-stop supplier specializing in the R&D, production, and sales of FA factory automation components. With the surge in market demand for lithium battery equipment, Yiheda is helping equipment companies win the delivery battle by providing four major types of support.


Firstly, Yiheda has established intelligent warehousing to ensure fast delivery. Secondly, their FA one-stop procurement platform has developed a wide range of products covering 176 major categories, 1404 subcategories, and more than 900,000 SKUs to meet the diverse needs of equipment parts. Thirdly, Yiheda has established a strict quality management system and introduced major brands to join, passing third-party testing and certification to meet the parts procurement needs of many lithium battery equipment companies. Fourthly, Yiheda provides professional product training, model selection service, and after-sale technical support and continuously develops new products to meet the demand for equipment parts.


Overall, Yiheda's support in fast delivery, full range of products, excellent quality, and program formulation makes them a reliable partner for lithium battery equipment companies.