All in! Yiheda 2022 Quality Month Activity Fully Launched

Apr 17, 2023

To fulfill its goal of becoming a top-notch enterprise and answering the nation's call, Yiheda has recognized the importance of combining quality with quantity to achieve perfection and accumulating precision and efficiency to achieve professionalism. To improve the quality consciousness of its employees and foster a culture of"everyone knows quality, everyone is quality," Yiheda launched its Quality Month campaign on August 31, 2022, focusing on enhancing awareness and promoting improvement among all employees. This initiative aims to strengthen Yiheda's cohesion and competitiveness in the market.



The significance of quality in today's business environment cannot be overstated, as it directly impacts an enterprise's success. Product quality is the foundation for companies to compete in the market and is crucial to their growth and development. Yiheda recognizes the importance of quality and has launched the quality month activity with the theme of "enhancing quality awareness and improving the quality of all employees" to emphasize the significance of quality and its impact on the enterprise. The activity has garnered support from various department leaders, and Yiheda aims to "win by quality" by focusing on product quality. The Quality Month activities revolve around three aspects:



All employees of the company participate to comprehensively improve quality awareness:

Quality awareness refers to the level of awareness and importance placed on enhancing product quality in production and operational activities. High-quality products can be produced when quality awareness reaches a certain level and is combined with improved work skills. The quality of the product is the result of the work quality of each employee. Therefore, all employees must work with leadership and full participation to improve their quality awareness and produce better products.



To fully promote the Quality Month activities, Yiheda's Quality Center collected slogans from all company employees from August 22 to August 27 through the company's intranet, offline banners, and posters in visible locations. Yiheda aims to encourage all employees to participate in the Quality Month activities. In addition, it uses broadcasting to strengthen the foundation for publicity and awareness of the formal Quality Month activities.



Yiheda's Quality Month Activity Kickoff Conference was held on August 31, consisting of 8 segments, including the project introduction, leadership speech, event project explanation, module leader's figurative speech, project director's summary, oaths, signing of the banner, and a group photo. The event began with an introduction to the project and speeches from the company's leadership. Afterward, the module leaders delivered their speeches, followed by the project director's summary. With upbeat music playing in the background, all the leaders signed the banner and took a group photo to signify the official launch of Yiheda's Quality Month activity.



Comprehensively investigate deficiencies and focus on solving practical problems:

Yiheda has prioritized high-quality products and services for its customers since its establishment and has established a strict quality management system as a one-stop supplier of FA factory automation components. To maintain this standard, Yiheda has equipped itself with advanced testing instruments, formulated clear quality policies and goals, and introduced major brands that have undergone third-party testing and certification. To further improve the quality of its products and services, Yiheda focuses on identifying and addressing practical problems through a comprehensive investigation of deficiencies. This approach enables Yiheda to meet the parts procurement needs of many companies while maintaining its commitment to quality.



The current quality month activity of Yiheda is aimed at enhancing and streamlining quality management, encouraging every unit to take the lead and emphasizing the importance of the PDCA cycle in quality management. Our functional departments must create internal control plans based on the company's quality policies and strategies to achieve quality objectives. With a focus on work analysis and continuous improvement in product quality management, R&D technology, process construction, personnel training, service awareness, and quality system construction, we aim to establish a three-level on-site audit plan led by the director, manager, and supervisor levels. It enables a step-by-step approach to highlighting the role of leadership and addressing practical issues while ensuring orderly and practical implementation of the "Quality Month" activities.



Refocusing on Key Process Optimization and Enhancing Product Quality:

Yiheda's corporate philosophy centers around impressing customers, creating employee satisfaction, satisfying shareholders, and earning societal respect. Customer service always comes first, and the company's mission is to systematically reduce automation equipment costs and drive technological progress in the industry. To further advance quality initiatives, Yiheda is implementing a comprehensive approach from order generation to product delivery to ensure that every step is executed precisely. Functional departments are tasked with prioritizing quality construction and closely monitoring key processes. They will also enhance key responsibilities, optimize the onboarding process, and implement quality initiatives to ensure the timely, high-quality delivery of products. This approach will help to reinforce the brand's values of speedy delivery and outstanding support.



Aside from the regular quality management tasks, Yiheda also responds to the national "Quality Month" initiative held every September and organizes its Yiheda "Quality Month" event to advance its quality management practices and pursue continuous improvement. The goal is to fully implement Yiheda's quality policy that puts the customer first, aims to continuously improve, "customer-centric, keep improving, pursue excellence, and provide customers with assured products." The company aims to create a path of "winning by quality" and achieve high-level development through top-notch quality.