Yiheda was Awarded the Member Unit of the Standard Promotion Association

Apr 17, 2023

Continue to make efforts to the construction automation industry standards! Dongguan Yiheda Automation Co., Ltd. has been recognized as the second member unit of  Dongguan Association of Standards and Industry, which is a great honor. Yiheda's strong capabilities in product research and development, manufacturing, product quality, and service, together with the Dongguan Standard and Industry Integration Promotion Association, promote the construction of a standard system for the automation parts industry and promote the shared prosperity and progress of the whole industry.



In 2018, Dongguan Standard and Industry Integration Promotion Association were established as a pioneering association in Guangdong that is led entirely by enterprises and dedicated to standardization and industry integration. The association's primary aim is to help various industries in Dongguan build an advanced standardization system, facilitate the healthy and rapid development of these industries, promote industrial transformation and upgrading through standards, and create a high-quality and reputable social organization in Dongguan. Yiheda, a renowned one-stop supplier of FA factory automation components, is honored to become the second member unit of the association. The association has also attracted globally recognized standards and certification organizations such as UL from the United States and TUV from Germany as third-party service providers. Furthermore, other associations, such as the Dongguan Merchants Association, the Municipal Private Association, and the Municipal Green Building Association, have sent relevant representatives to join the association.


Yiheda Corporation is a company that focuses on developing, manufacturing, and selling automation parts, providing a complete supply of factory automation parts, and aiming to offer the automation equipment industry affordable, high-quality, and short-delivery products. To tackle the automation industry's challenges, Yiheda continuously seeks innovation and conducts research in areas such as standard systems, product development systems, supply chain management, and platform operation.



In the traditional procurement mode for FA factory automation components, the lack of uniform standards in design and selection often leads to long lead times and limited reuse of design results. This approach involves engineers drawing, selecting, and submitting demand applications for each component and the purchasing department performing material procurement. Due to the absence of unified standards, there are many types of products, various specifications, and non-standardization in the automation parts industry. Additionally, customer demand and supply are relatively scattered, making it difficult to achieve mass production. As a result, customers often experience low procurement efficiency, high procurement costs, uncontrollable quality, and unpunctual delivery. Furthermore, the industry's scale effect is insignificant, and these common problems collectively hinder the rapid development of China's automation industry. Yiheda Company aims to solve these issues by constantly innovating and exploring the standard system, product development system, supply chain management, and platform operation.

Considering the specialized, personalized, and diversified nature of FA factory automation parts, Yiheda Company researches the application scenarios of features required for automation equipment, sorts out various types of automation parts professionally, and gradually establishes a standardization system for automation parts. To better meet customer needs, the company has compiled several product standard selection manuals, such as "FA Factory Automation Parts," "Industrial Frame Structural Parts Catalog Manual," and "FA Electronic and Electrical Parts Selection." The company can differentiate customer application scenarios based on the product's traditional system by standardizing the original non-standard model products and serializing and modularizing existing standard model products. Moreover, the company is constantly optimizing its product categories and standards by leveraging feedback from on-site customer visits, e-commerce platform data, and 3D model downloads to enhance product applicability.



Thanks to its product standardization system, Yiheda company has managed to reduce the design time of engineers and improve design efficiency. It has resulted in a higher proportion of standard parts used in the automation equipment industry, increasing equipment stability. Yiheda has comprehensive FA factory automation parts with 196 significant categories, 2,729 subcategories, and over 1.36 million SKUs. This impressive range of standardized products effectively addresses the challenges faced by the industry and provides customers with a convenient one-stop procurement solution.



With China's economic development and the 44th anniversary of its reform and opening up in 2022, standardization has become increasingly crucial in supporting industrial development and scientific progress. Yiheda Automation Co., Ltd. in Dongguan has joined the Dongguan Standard and Industry Integration Promotion Association to leverage its strengths and contribute to the industry's development. Yiheda's vision is to "promote intelligent manufacturing to empower Chinese manufacturing," Its mission is to systematically reduce the costs of using automation equipment while promoting technological progress in the automation industry. By doing so, Yiheda strives to simplify automation processes for its clients, making automation easier.