American Caster Allowable Load 265~425kg Fixed Type

Product Type: Casters

Bracket type: Fixed type

Brake type: None

Allowable load (kg): 265-425

Bottom plate style: American

Material: Q235A

Surface treatment: Electrophoresis (black paint)


  • The double-track arc design of the square steel bowl ensures load-bearing capacity and flexibility.
  • The wheel surface has the functions of impact resistance and wear resistance.
  • It has better resilience and is more labor-saving to use than other materials.
  • Suitable for use in situations that are relatively smooth and require anti-tangling requirements.
  • The operating temperature is -15℃~80℃.
  • The Shore hardness of the wheel surface is 65D.
  • When the wheel material is p polyethylene and UA (iron core urethane), the surface treatment of the bracket is galvanized, and the rest is black paint electrophoresis.