Economical Diaphragm Coupling High Rigidity Aluminum Alloy Single Diaphragm/Double Diaphragm Screw Clamping Type

Type: Diaphragm coupling, Economical high rigidity diaphragm type

Shaft locking method: Screw clamping type

Diaphragm: Single diaphragm

Main body material: Aluminum alloy

Surface treatment: Anodized (pearl color)


  • Large torsional load, high torque rigidity and high sensitivity.
  • Zero backlash.
  • Zero-clearance screws fix elastic steel sheets.
  • The characteristics are exactly the same when rotating clockwise and counterclockwise.
  • Stainless steel diaphragm can compensate for radial direction. Angular and axial misalignment (DBJO1/02 cannot compensate for radial misalignment).
  • Because eccentricity, declination, and axial position are all independent allowable values, when multiple deviations occur at the same time, the allowable values will be reduced.
  • The surface treatment of some DBJ01/11 products is pearl nickel plating. Please consult our staff for details.